Leif Randt, D

Born 1983 in Frankfurt am Main, lives in Berlin Masters study in Giessen, Degree study in Hildesheim, Erasmus study in London.

2006 invited to the open mike with the fitness centre reading Cosmo at the Literature Workshop Berlin, 2007 nominated for ther Plopp! Radio Drama Award.

At the end of 2009 he received the first and only Young Author Prize from the KulturSPIEGEL for his narrative Spätsommer 2010, and the MDR Literature Prize 2010 for the short story Lose Spekulationen über Erotik im Kino.

His first novel Leuchtspielhaus appeared in autumn 2009, was stated as an "experimental generation book" and awarded the Nicolas Born Debut Prize.  Leif Randt is working on the script Common People for a film from Sylke Enders.

In August 2011 he will publish his second novel with BerlinVerlag: Schimmernder Dunst über Coby County.



Video portrait

Leif Randt (Bild: Simon Vu)Leif Randt (Bild: Simon Vu)

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