Ingeborg Bachmann Prize

The event’s main prize continues to be the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize worth 25,000 euros. This prize is being donated by the provincial capital of Klagenfurt.

Bachmann Prize was won by Rammstedt

Last year, the jury and the audience were in remarkable agreement: Tilman Ramstedt was awarded the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize and the Audience Prize for his text which, for once, was a humorous one.

Tilman Rammstedt (Foto ORF/Johannes Puch)
Once it was decided that he had won the Bachmann Prize, Rammstedt was immediately surrounded by photographers.

Three rounds of voting were needed to determine the winner of the 25,000 euro Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. The first time round, Patrick Findeis received three votes, and Orths and Rammstedt two each. After the runoff vote between the two candidates in second place, Tilman Rammstedt was eventually the happy winner of this year’s Bachmann Prize.

City of Klagenfurt


31 prize winners so far

Gert Jonke (1977), Ulrich Plenzdorf (1978), Gert Hofmann (1979), Sten Nadolny (1980), Urs Jaeggi (1981), Jürg Amann (1982), Friederike Roth (1983), Erica Pedretti (1984), Hermann Burger (1985), Katja Lange-Müller (1986), Uwe Saeger (1987), Angela Krauß (1988), Wolfgang Hilbig (1989), Birgit Vanderbeke (1990), Emine Sevgi Özdamar (1991), Alissa Walser (1992), Kurt Drawert (1993), Reto Hänny (1994), Franzobel (1995), Jan Peter Bremer (1996), Norbert Niemann (1997), Sibylle Lewitscharoff (1998), Terézia Mora (1999), Georg Klein (2000), Michael Lentz (2001), Peter Glaser (2002). Inka Parei (2003), Uwe Tellkamp (2004), Thomas Lang (2005), Kathrin Passig (2006) and Lutz Seiler (2007).


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