Bachmann Prize: The winners are announced

Tilman Rammstedt is the winner of the Bachmann Prize and the Audience Award. The Telekom Prize went to Markus Orths, the 3sat Prize to Patrick Findeis. The Austrian Clemens J. Setz won the Willner Prize.

Tilman Rammstedt is the winner of the Bachmann Prize and the Audience Award. The Telekom Prize went to Markus Orths, the 3sat Prize to Patrick Findeis. The Austrian Clemens J. Setz won the Willner Prize.

Jury and audience unanimous

Not for the first time the jury and the audience were unanimous in the awarding of the prizes: Tilman Ramstedt received the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize and the Audience Award.

Prizes allocated via fast electronic voting system for the first time

"Press now" was the instruction this year as the prizes were allocated via a touch screen for the first time which accelerated the procedure considerably, even though one or two of the jurors had problems getting to grips with the new system.

After three ballots: Ramstedt is the winner

Three ballots were needed before the 25,000 Euro Ingeborg Bachmann Prize could be awarded. Patrick Findeis received three votes in the first vote, Orths and Rammstedt two each. Following the second ballot between the two second-placed authors, Tilman Rammstedt finally emerged victorious.

Rammstedt, Gunzer (Foto ORF/Johannes Puch)


Ursula März, who invited the author to Klagenfurt, justified her vote for Rammstedt's "very funny lament" by saying: "I'm voting for a story in which a grandchild and grandfather can't agree on a holiday destination. In the end the grandfather travels much further than the grandson feared."

Verleihung des Publikumspreises (Foto ORF/Johannes Puch)


Markus Orths won the Telekom Prize

The Telekom Austria Prize went to Markus Orths. "The Hotel Cleaner" following a second ballot between Orths and Patrack Findeis. Orths' juror Strigl voted for an "exciting story", the author of which tells "a furious" tale from the perspective of someone at calf height to everyone else but yet who is looking "the whole person right in the eye".

Erian, Orths, Haslitzer (Foto ORF/Johannes Puch)


"No more beautiful land" won the 3sat Prize

Patrick Findeis then received the 7,500 Euro 3sat Prize for his text "No more beautiful land" after a run-off with Clemens Setz. His juror Burkhard Spinnen said he had voted for a text for which the author "has found a completely coherent language for his subject in which the contemporary problems of the characters and the old, tragic motifs of their demise fit together perfectly.

Markus Orths, Dieter Moor, Margit Czöppan (Foto ORF/Johannes Puch)


The Ernst Willner Prize went to Austria

The Ernst Willner Prize finally went to the second of Daniela Strigl's nominated authors: Clemens J.Setz. She claimed to have voted for a "highly subtle story about   deliberation" which shows, "what excessive consumption of meat can do to men" .

Setz, Moor, Haslitzer (Foto ORF/Johannes Puch)


Spinnen: Downsizing - an opportunity 

The new chairman weighed up the pros and cons of the "downsizing" of this year's competition in his closing speech and he came to the following conclusion: "Only by changing can you find out what you really are. "I see this change as an opportunity to see what we have become, and what remains". One thing, however, must never change: "The desire to stay true to literature".

 Aufzeichnung der Preisvergabe


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