Iris Schmidt, D.

Born in 1967 in Hamm, lives in Düsseldorf. Industrial clerk training at Thyssen. Early literary expression with small parodies about everyday office life.

Publications in literary journals and anthologies

Drawings with coal and oil paint, vague idea of perhaps becoming a painter. Studied Social Pedagogy, judo trainer (1st Dan), worked in schools and in special needs education and integrative education. Currently community work in a social hotspot in Düsseldorf. Numerous publications in literary journals and anthologies, including Verstärker, Entwürfe, Freiberger Lesehefte.


Iris Schmidt_Bild: Thorsten Schmidt: Iris Schmidt_Bild: Thorsten SchmidtIris Schmidt_Bild: Thorsten Schmidt: Iris Schmidt_Bild: Thorsten Schmidt


Publications (Selection)

  • Was geht’s mich an. Anthology. Projekte Verlag Halle 2009.
  • Flussab. Anthology accompanying the MDR literature prize. Rotbuch Verlag 2009.
  • Höllenkinder. Novel. SWB Verlag Stuttgart 2010.


Iris Schmidt (Skizze: Annelore Reski)Iris Schmidt (Skizze: Annelore Reski)Skizze: Annelore Reski



  • Finalist at MDR literature prize 2008.
  • Literature prize Siegen 2008.
  • Oberhausen literature prize 2008.
  • Scholarship of the art foundation North-Rhine Westphalia 2010.
  • Scholarship of the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia 2010.