Linus Reichlin, D

Born. 1957 in Aarau, lives in Berlin. First wrote columns and reports for which he received numerous prizes including the DIE ZEIT's Ben Witter Prize and the Zurich Journalist Award.

Today Reichlin works as a freelance writer. His first novel The Desire of the Atoms, which was translated into several languages​, was listed for many months on the KrimiWelt best sellers list, was awarded the German Thriller Prize 2009, and was nominated for the Friedrich Glauser Prize for best first novel. In 2010 he published his second novel, Der Assistent der Sterne, which was chosen as the "Science Book of the Year 2010 ". His novel Er will be published in 2011.


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Linus Reichlin (Bild: Julia Baier)Linus Reichlin (Bild: Julia Baier)

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