FGLL 2010 on Web, radio and TV

The readings and discussions will be broadcast live on 3sat. There will also be many other highlights on the radio, the Internet and TV, in this, the 34th year of the event.


Live broadcast on 3sat


3sat will be broadcasting the entire competition live:


24 June: 10 am – 3 pm

25 June: 10 am – 3 pm

26 June: 10 am – 2 pm

27 June, award ceremony 11.10 am


Daily reports on Kulturzeit (cultural magazine programme)



Sunday, 27 June, 10.15 am

Bachmann versus Frisch





ORF 2 – Kärnten heute (regional magazine programme)


20. to 27. June from 7 pm on ORF2.

Up-to-date reports every day on TVthek (ORFs online video portal).


Radio Kärnten

21. to 28. June

Up-to-date reports

Radio Kärnten live on the Internet: Radio Kärnten live


Sunday, 27. June, 8.04 pm to midnight

Lange Nacht der Literatur (Long Night of Literature)

The 34th Festival of German-Language

Literature: readings, discussions, award-winners

Programme design: Helga Suppan


Egyd Gstättner, our "roving reporter"

Author Egyd Gstättner will be out and about as a roving reporter for Radio Kärnten and ORF ON throughout the whole competition.


More about: Egyd Gstättner


Internet - ORF ON Kärnten

Video portraits of the authors, readings and discussions, texts from the competition to read, up-to-date reports and summaries.


Editorial team

Barbara Johanna Frank, Petra Haas,

Iris Hofmeister and Nikolaus Polak

Photography: Johannes Puch, Anton Wieser



Bachmann Prize goes Europe


The 34th Festival of German-Language Literature online in eight languages. Texts from the competition, the Klagenfurt Address on Literature, biographies, general information in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian, Czech and Croatian.

Discussions and commentaries in German and English on: http://bachmannpreis.eu


Ö1 – Culture Radio


24 to 28 June

Up-to-date reporting in the

Ö1 Journal and the Kulturjournal programmes.



Sunday, 27 June, 6.15 pm to 6.30 pm

The 34th Festival of German-Language Literature



Monday, 28 June

9.40 pm – 10 pm

TEXTE (Texts) – New Literature from Austria 2010 Bachmann Prize winners. The winning text, read by the author

Programme design: Barbara Denscher, Kristina Pfoser