The 14th Klagenfurt Literature Course

From 20 to 24 June 2010 the Klagenfurt City Culture Department and the ORF Landesstudio Kärnten will be holding the14th Klagenfurt Literature Course, to which a maximum of ten authors will be invited.


14th Klagenfurt Literature Course



  • tutorials with experienced colleagues (discussions about the text submitted)
  • discussions on the conditions of literature and writing
  • option to attend the 34th Festival of German-Language Literature from 23 to 27 June as a guest
  • travel expenses and accommodation, and catering vouchers for the duration of the course and the Festival of German-Language Literature


Entry requirements

  • maximum age 35 years on 15 March 2010
  • at least one literary work published (in German, not a translation). Appropriate publications might include works of prose in book form, contributions to anthologies and magazines available in bookshops, but not self-published texts.
  • candidates for awards in the 2010 Festival of German-Language Literature are not allowed to participate.


Texts selected by the tutors

Texts arriving after 19 March 2010 cannot be considered. The selection of the ten students receiving a scholarship will be made by the tutors: Friederike Kretzen, Inka Parei and Ferdinand Schmatz.

More about: Jury and tutors

Participants in the Literature Course will be notified personally at the beginning of May 2010. Therefore please submit your telephone number and/or e-mail address.

Submissions and inquiries

If interested, you should submit four copies of a sample text (prose only) in a font size of  at least 12 pt, no more than ten pages in length, together with a CV with bibliography and a photograph which must be of print-quality, by 15 March 2010 at the latest (date as per postmark) to:



fao. Dr. Heimo Strempfl
Bahnhofstraße 50
9020 Klagenfurt / Austria
Tel.: +43-463-501429 (Fax-ext: -1)