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A compilation is published every year to go with the competition, featuring the best writing and photos, and a press review. For the 25th anniversary there was a special edition book and CD.

German-language literature enjoys a level of interest like almost no other, and every year renowned critics and authors gather together the most promising new voices in the Klagenfurt texts, which have been published by Piper since 1990 and which have been used in schools since 2004.


Angela Leinen: How to win the Bachmann Prize

Wie man den Bachmannpreis gewinntWie man den Bachmannpreis gewinnt

Many people may complain about poor literature, but who has attempted to draw up clearly comprehensible assessment criteria – apart from Angela Leinen, that is? In ten easy-to-apply chapters, she shows readers how to distinguish good texts from bad ones, and what authors need to do to get it right. A user-friendly and entertaining guide for all book-lovers!

"The main point for authors is not to get on their readers' nerves as much as the competition."

(Kathrin Passig)


The BEST OF 2010 - Klagenfurt Text 2010

Die Besten 2010Die Besten 2010

It is provocative, it is original and varied - German language literature is not only praised, it is also being read "The Best 2010" brings together the latest relevant voices in one volume. The annual measurement of literature, the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize in Klagenfurt - here the most ambitious German speaking narrators meet again each year: from Alissa Walser to Tilman Rammstedt, Uwe Tellkamp to Peter Wawerzinek. They all presented unpublished texts for the first time, and read from the "Turm" and "Rabenliebe". No reading book is more intimate, contemporary and modern than the Klagenfurt texts. Political intrigue and familiar precipices, physical discovery and broken hearts, in short: everything that affects our lives, are told with conciousness of form and originality. With portraits of the winners, discussions and detailed press reports.


216 pages

with 5 photographs

Folding brochure

€ 14,95 [D], € 15,40 [A], sFr 23,50

ISBN: 9783492054171


Die Besten -
Klagenfurt texts 2009

die Besten Klagenfurter Texte 2009die Besten Klagenfurter Texte 2009

German-language literature is experiencing an unprecedented upsurge in international interest – renowned critic Ijoma Mangold gathers together the most promising new voices in the Klagenfurt texts.


This is where the first extract from Uwe Tellkamp's "Der Turm" appeared, and where Arno Geiger introduced us to his major family novel "Es geht uns gut". There is no more exciting and contemporary literary reader than the "Klagenfurt texts". Jens Petersen, Ralf Bönt, Gregor Sander, Katharina Born und Karsten Krampitz: read hitherto unpublished texts by the most successful and interesting authors writing in the German language. They write cleverly, innovatively and critically about all the ingredients of good literature: family tragedy, political events and the emotional abyss. Read the best authors of 2009. Includes a portrait of the Prize winner and comprehensive press reviews.


216 pages with 6 photos

Brochure € 14.95 [D], € 15.40 [A], sFr 25.90

ISBN: 9783492053426


Die Besten- Klagenfurt texts 2008

Buch - Die Besten 2008 (Bild: ORF)

Documentary of the 32nd Festival of German-Language Literature. Piper Verlag (October 2008) Edited by Ijoma Mangold.


Julia Franck, Katharina Hacker, Arno Geiger, Annette Pehnt and many more – there is no more exciting and contemporary literary reader than the "Klagenfurt texts". The most successful and interesting authors writing in the German language are presented here. Cleverly, inspired, innovatively and critically, they tell of historical suffering, family tragedy and the political abyss. Read hitherto unpublished texts by the best authors of 2008. Includes a portrait of the Prize winner and comprehensive press reviews.

224 Pages
€ 13.90 [D], € 14.30 [A], sFr 24.90
ISBN: 9783492052092

Die Besten - Klagenfurt texts 2007

Buch "Die Besten 2007" (Piper Verlag)

Documentary of the 31st Festival of German-Language Literature. Piper Verlag (October 2007) Edited by Iris Radisch.

With authors like Sascha Stanisic, Peter Stamm and Arno Geiger, new German-language literature has never been so diverse and so successful. Often the auspicious beginnings lie here in Klagenfurt: eight new, previously unpublished voices.




Die Besten- Klagenfurt texts 2006

Buch "Die Besten 2006" (Bild ORF)

Documentary of the 30th Festival of German-Language Literature. Piper Verlag (October 2006) Edited by Iris Radisch.

Either with the oppressiveness of Thomas Lang, or the sensitivity of Arno Geiger, the reflective charm of Annette Pehnt or biting irony of Anne Weber – the new German-language literature is sure to captivate you with its skilful use of language and the variety of its subject matter. "The standard has rarely been so high", was the praise in the press for the participants in last years Bachmann Prize, one of the "most pleasing in recent years". That year the most important award for German-language literature was presented for the thirtieth time.



Die Besten- Klagenfurt texts 2005

Buch "Die Besten 2005" (Bild ORF)

Documentary of the 29th Festival of German-Language Literature. Piper Verlag (October 2005) Edited by Iris Radisch.

The subtle touch of Arne Roß, the opulence of the virtuoso Uwe Tellkamp. Radical, like Simona Sabato, or lightly floating and philosophical, like Wolfgang Herrndorf – the lean years are over: "The resurrection of the sensual world" was the verdict in the feature pages on last year's Klagenfurt texts. The new literature is daring again: the pleasure of experimentation and the fun of risk-taking are clear in authors like Michael Lentz, Georg Klein and Dorothea Dieckmann. They explore things which are still to come, which are barely yet known.




Die Besten- Klagenfurt texts 2004

Buch "Die Besten 2004" (Bild ORF)

Documentary of the 28th Festival of German-Language Literature. Piper Verlag (October 2004) Edited by Iris Radisch.

For many authors the Bachmann Prize, which is awarded at the end of the Klagenfurt competition, means the beginning of a career as a writer. Here they are in one collection – the eleven best texts from the 28th Festival of German-Language Literature, moving and provoking us, and carrying us off into new worlds – by Dorothea Dieckmann, Arno Geiger, Roswitha Haring, Guy Helminger, Wolfgang Herrndorf, Andreas Münzner, Richard David Precht, Thomas Raab, Arne Roß and Simona Sabato. With a portrait of the Prize winner, Uwe Tellkamp, extensive press reviews, and extracts from the judges' discussions.

CD-Edition "Klagenfurt und kein Ende..." (Klagenfurt and no end…)
Der Kampf im Wörthersee, (The battle in Lake Wörthersee) 5 CDs


CD edition "Die Besten"

The best discussions, texts and interviews from 25 years of the Bachmann Prize in the original language. The literature department of ORF Kärnten has put together a cross-section of legendary jury debates and discussions about literature for a 5-volume CD edition.

CD-Edition "Die Besten" (Bild ORF)

You can hear extracts from all winning Klagenfurt texts and associated discussions, and reflections on literature and statements on the development of the literature business. Even as a retrospective, the "Festival of German-Language Literature" remains an extremely lively and entertaining forum for literature and literary criticism.

Available from Ö1 Club, the ORF Shop at the Landesstudio Kärnten, and from the Robert Musil Literature Museum in Klagenfurt. The edition with the five CDs costs 25 euros.