No clear favourite on the first day of the readings

On Thursday, the 33rd Festival of German-Language Literature (FGLL) in Klagenfurt was opened with readings by the first five authors. The jury discussions were heated as usual. So far, no clear favourite has emerged.

The first morning of the readings

Lorenz Langenegger, Philipp Weiss and Karsten Krampitz faced the jury’s assessments on Thursday morning. 

Weiss' text ‘Blätterliebe’ (Love of pages), which he acted out on the stage, caused a particular stir. The jury praised particularly Karsten Krampitz’ recitation, but not so much the content of his text. The audience did not share the jury’s view. While Lorenz Langenegger, on the other hand, reaped a very ‘rough’ overall assessment, his use of language was evidently liked by the jury.

Controversial assessment in the afternoon

Bruno Preisendörfer and Christiane Neudecker faced the jury’s assessment on Thursday afternoon. The jury’s opinion on the texts by the two Germans diverged significantly.


Summary of the jury’s assessments:

Lorenz Langenegger

Philipp Weiss

Karsten Krampitz

Bruno Preisendörfer

Christiane Neudecker




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