3rd day: exciting finale

Half of the authors who presented their texts on the third and final day of the readings of the 33rd Festival of German-Language Literature were Austrian: while Andrea Winkler’s text did little for the jury, Caterina Satanik was more successful.

Publikum (Bild: ORF/Johannes Puch)Publikum (Bild: ORF/Johannes Puch)

Sander and Satanik stood out favourably

Gregor Sander opened the readings on Saturday with his story “Winterfisch” (Winter fish), which triggered a fierce and nitpicking discussion among the jury members. Ultimately, they all – except for Meike Feßmann – liked it.

Austrian Andrea Winkler also read her text on Saturday morning. Her text “Aus dem Gras” (From the grass) left most of the jury cold. Only the two Austrian jurors Karin Fleischanderl and Paul Jandl liked it.

Publikum (Bild: ORF/Johannes Puch)Publikum (Bild: ORF/Johannes Puch)

Katharina Born entered the final day of readings with her Text “Fifty-Fifty”. Her text was controversial.

Caterina Satanik was the last author to enter this year’s competition and read from “Leben ist anders” (Life is different) – a ‘fleet-footed’ text which the jury discussed favourably.

Summary of jury assessments:

Gregor Sander

Andrea Winkler

Katherina Born

Caterina Satanik


Karin Fleischanderl, Burkhard Spinnen (Bild: ORF/Johannes Puch)Karin Fleischanderl, Burkhard Spinnen (Bild: ORF/Johannes Puch)


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