Prizes and Sponsors

At the 35th Festival of German Language Literature five prizes will once again be awarded: The Bachmann Prize, the Kelag Prize, the Ernst Willner Prize, the 3sat Prize and for the first time the VILLIglas Audience Award.


Ingeborg Bachmann-Prize
25.000 euros, donated by the provincial capital of Klagenfurt

10.000 euros, donated by Kärntner Elektrizitäts- und Aktiengesellschaft 

7.500 euros, donated by 3sat, the joint channel of the four public broadcasting stations ZDF, ORF, SF and ARD.

7.000 euros, donated by publishing houses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


7.000 euros, donated by Phillip Daniel Merckle, owner of VILLIglas.

* Award: Public vote exclusively via the Internet
* Voting: Saturday 9th July, 15:00 to 20:00
* Voting options:,,, and

Banner_TDDL2011 (Bild: ORF)Banner_TDDL2011 (Bild: ORF)