Third day of reading: Family, wasps and porn

Leif Randt, Anne Richter, Michel Bozikovic and Thomas Klupp read on the final reading day of 2011. Randt and Richter portrayed family affairs within lifestyle worlds and dysfunctional economic structures, while Klupp showed life in the cultural sector.

Text on the parental generation

Leif Randt, who opened the final reading day 2011, read the text "Schimmernder Dunst über Cobycounty". Randt was proposed by Alain Claude Sulzer. The text about the coexistence of children and parent generations within a lifestyle world was to some extent looked upon very favourably by the jury.  "A successful start for the day", as Hubert Winkels said.

Leif Randt (Bild: Joahnnes Puch)Leif Randt (Bild: Joahnnes Puch)

Meike Feßmann saw similarities to the text by Antonia Baum. The text is an amusing read as a "farce of the 68 generation".

Elisabeth E. Keller saw it as a reduction to the superficial, a lifestyle world of wealthy people. They had gathered to celebrate the superficial and were successful in that. Daniela Strigl saw similarities to the movie " Truman Show". Pain is felt beneath the surface.

Jury discussion Leif Randt

Kameramann im Sendestudio (Bild: Johannes Puch)Kameramann im Sendestudio (Bild: Johannes Puch)

On the disintegration of a family

After Leif Randt, Anne Richter read the text  "Geschwister", a story about the disintegration of a family and a region in eastern Germany.

Anne Richter (Bild: Johannes Puch)Anne Richter (Bild: Johannes Puch)

A funeral in Thüringen is the starting point of a story about the economic death of a region - a "classic starting point" said Alain Claude Sulzer: a story about going back to one's roots, about sibling love. All in all, with a few exceptions, "well done".

"I do not find the text quiet, on the contrary I find it very shrill", opposed Hubert Winkels. The text strives too much for effect in its "precision and vividness", the "art of restraint" is not controlled, everything is "precisely depicted". "What we see here is a narrative disaster."

Jury discussion Anne Richter


Jury not convinced by "Macho with the wasp"

Michel Bozikovic from Switzerland read the text "Wespe". He was invited by Hildegard E. Keller. The jury was not convinced by the story of a deserter who wanted to kill himself and who then changed his mind due to a wasp. Hubert Winkels likened it to Hemingway, but argued that the story should have started where Quentin Tarantino commonly stops.

Michel Bozikovic (Bild Johannes Puch)Michel Bozikovic (Bild Johannes Puch)

Daniela Strigl was reminded of the Croatian war, the main character swears in the language of a Landsknecht soldier and wants to be a "rough fellow". Hildegard E. Keller praised her author and the "extremely precise" style of the text, but could not convince her colleagues on the jury.

Jury discussion Michel Bozikovic


Thomas Klupp (Bild: Johannes Puch)Thomas Klupp (Bild: Johannes Puch)

Internet pornography in conclusion

Thomas Klupp was the last author to appear at the TDDL 2011. He read the text "9to5 Hardcore" - a novel excerpt. Invited by Hubert Winkels, Klupp's text tells of a scientific employee of a cultural institution, who must, as part of a contract, watch pornographic material from morning to night  in order to research the "explicit production strategies" on the internet; he dreams of a permanent position as well as female genitals and tries not to lose control.

The jury found the text funny at first, but soon became bored and found fault in the increasingly strong effects in this satire with a "confessional character" (Daniela Strigl).

Jury discussion Thomas Klupp


Potential winners on day two

The second reading day brought forward potential favourites for the prize, including the Kärnten-Slovenian Maja Haderlap. The texts of Nina Bußmann and Steffen Popp were also highly praised.

The second reading day

The first reading day

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