Volker H. Altwasser, D

Born in 1969 in Greifswald, lives in Rostock. Various jobs including in electronics,as stoker and sailor. 1998 to 2001 German Creative Writing Programme at Leipzig University.

"Saudade" - trilogy

In autumn 1999 he had the idea to write a high sea epic. Over time, this turned into a triptych, which was published by Matthes & Seitz Berlin in 2009. The historical novel Letzte Haut, the scrap novel Letztes Schweigen (2010) and the high sea epic Letzte Fischer tell a story about the negation of what the Portuguese call “saudade”. This word, which is considered untranslatable, describes a mix of pride in your homeland, wanderlust and nostalgia.


Volker H.Altwasser: Videoportrait


Volker H. Altwasser_Bild: Steffen DuerreVolker H. Altwasser_Bild: Steffen Duerre

Many contributions in anthologies such as Vom Fisch bespuckt and Der wilde Osten. Scholarship holder at the Klagenfurt Literature Course in 2000.


Awards (selection)

  • Scholarships including in Langenthal, Munich, Visby,
  • Schöppingen.
  • Finalist at Alfred Döblin Prize 2009.
  • Finalist at Literature Prize Wartholz 2010.


Volker H. Altwasser Skizze von Annelore ReskiVolker H. Altwasser Skizze von Annelore ReskiSkizze: Annelore Reski