New from the TDDL 2011

Here you will find all current information regarding the Festival of German Language Literature 2011, contributions to the Bachmann Prize 2010, Klagenfurts new 'writer-in residence' Peter Wawerzinek and all readings and discussions.


New Bachmann time(s) 2011

The 35th edition of the Bachmann Prize is being held in July for the first time since the existence of the competition,  otherwise sport and literature media would clash and we all know how such "matches" are generally covered.

More information about this and all other current events can be found on the Bachmann Homepage news channel.

Writers 2011


"Babylonisch" is also the same this year

The Bachmann Prize tirelessly makes its way to Europe - the biographies and literary texts which will be presented as part of the competition by the participants are again of course available in 2011 in German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Slovenian, Czech  Croatian.

The following link is an overview of the entire project and also the biographies of those of whom without which none of this would be possible - our translators.

Bachmann-Prize goes Europe


Klagenfurt connected: The writers-in-residence

Many authors who have once read  in Klagenfurt - whether as part of the Bachmann Prize or for the Literature Course  - always hold a connection with the city. An important factor in this respect is that the city has once again made the post of "writer-in-residence" a permanent fixture. In 2010 this was Karsten Krampitz who moved into the townhouse, this year however it will be none other than Bachmann prize winner Peter Wawerzinek.

Wawerzinek is the writer-in-residence 2011


Search and find...  made easy

Year after year a great number of reports and articles on the events surrounding the TDDL accumulate - until it gets to the point where one can't see the wood for the trees. Therefore, the archive holds a complete collection of information about the competitions in recent years,  about writers, judges and literature courses, together with a review of the first 25 years of TDDL ("Die Gruppe 47 grüßt von fern").



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