Bachmann Prize 2009

Here you will find a summary of the contents of all Internet pages for the Festival of German-Language Literature 2009, the 13th Klagenfurt Literature Course and Translatio 2009.

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Bachmann Prize 2009

Bachmann Prize goes Europe

The first day of readings - summary
The second day of readings - summary
The third day of readings - summary

The jurors
The authors
The texts
The prizes
The videos

Opening of the FGLL 2009
Award ceremony - the winners have been chosen
Jens Petersen: a giant of literature

Klagenfurt Adress on literature
The overall artistic concept
Presenter Clarissa Stadler

13th Klagenfurt Literature Course

13th Klagenfurt Literature Course (D)
Tutors 2009 (D)
Scholarship holders 2009 (D) 
Programme and dates
Musil Museum Klagenfurt (D)
Begin with Bertelsmann

State Prize for Literary Translation

Translatio 2009
Previous winners (D)

Information, supporting programme, links

Usefull links
FGLL 2009 on the web, radio and TV
Egyd Gstättner`s satirical insights (D) 
Books and CDs about the Bachmann Prize (D)
'Kulturzeit extra' from Klagenfurt
Ingeborg Bachmann (1926 - 1973)
The work of Ingeborg Bachmann
"Experiencing" Bachmann
30 years Bachmann Prize (D)
Archive 1998-2006 (D)

Info about the applicants 1977 - 2000

25 years Bachmann Prize in Klagenfurt(D)
All prize winners since the beginning of the Bachmann Prize (Word-Dokument, D)


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